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Mr.Dr. J. John Lawrence

M.Sc(Geo), M.A(His), M.A Edun, M.Ed, Ph.D.

Designation : Principal


Phone: +91 97862 08080

It’s my great pleasure and privilege to pen down a few words about the Alagu Jothi Academy an International standard CBSE Sr. Secondary School. My prayerful greetings to all of you.

First of all I would like to express my deep sentiments and gratitude to every one of you for your constant support, love and concern towards the success of the Alagu Jothi Academy which enables and encourages us to strive hard to carry forward the vision, mission, goal and strategy for spreading the value-based knowledge to
one and all.

I am proud of this institution which has brought glory and has stood firm as rock, an impenetrable fortress to carry forward its vision and mission for spreading knowledge to many and playing a stellar role in giving the nation each year a crop of brilliant young men who have brought laurels to the country and abroad. It holds high the banner of integrity, nationhood, secularism, unity and an example for selfless service.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think,”. Imagination and Innovation is encouraged through a holistic approach. “To motivate the weak,to address the average and challenge the gifted is the teaching vision of our school. Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Problem solving, Stress dealing, Emotion managing, Collaboration, and Interpersonal relationships are the strong foundation to make the child a Global leader to face the global challenges of the twenty first century .

The mind of the child is like a Parachute. It works well when it is opened. Creating opportunities to bring out the hidden talents of the student is the prime duty of the Alagu Jothi Academy. We impart various types of skill oriented teaching learning process. The future destiny of India is vested in the hands of the students sitting inside the four walls of the present classroom.

I congratulate the entire team for their hard work and dedication in making this dream come true. A committed and supportive management, dedicated teachers, caring and co-operative parents blend harmoniously to create Alagu Jothi Academy a child-centric school. It is natural to find in this ambience, the intensive use of a variety of thinking activities, strategies and group dynamics so that the classrooms become alive. Teamwork is the hallmark of Alagu Jothi Academy . I am very sure that through the collaborative effort we can achieve more benefit to our students who will become the Global leaders of the 21st century.


Dr. J. John Lawrence M.Sc(Geo), M.A(His), M.A Edun, M.Ed, Ph.D.
Alagu Jothi Academy.

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