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Mr.P. Sivakumar

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“If our school is a pen, and parents are ink, we can write the success of our children’s educational development by working together”

The objective of education is not just to produce academicians, but also to humane and sensitive citizens. At Alagu Jothi Academy, an International Standard CBSE Sr.Sec School, we ensure that a congenial environment for learning is maintained while making sure that children have enough opportunities to develop their personal and interpersonal skills.

Our teachers are highly qualified and share a passion for teaching, thereby bringing out the best in both themselves and their students. We teach our students in both classical and contemporary learning techniques while also providing them with a strong foundation in global cultural knowledge.

We believe that the role of parents in the educational growth of their children is crucial. It is the parents who are the first GURU of the child. So we create mutual respect and strive to establish continuous communication between parents, teachers and administration.

Alagu Jothi Academy, an International Standard CBSE Sr.Sec School is more than an ordinary school. We encourage students to take on difficult, hard journeys that stretch their potential. But we do it with unyielding faith in our teachers’ and students’ capacities. Alagu Jothi Academy, an International Standard CBSE Senior Secondary School, is deeply committed to working tirelessly to make our students’ learning experience exciting and enlightening.

With all good wishes,
Mr.P. Sivakumar,
Alagu Jothi Academy.

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