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Alagu Jothi Academy

Trips and Excursions are a part of life for students of Alagu Jothi Academy. Students look forward for such trips and participation is quite high as this turns out to be a learning experience for the kids staying away from home and managing on their own. Some of the most memorable stories and experiences are created during such trips and visits. Here’s an excerpt from the diaries of one the student.

Bangalore & Mysore is an excellent place for all nature lovers it really gave us an adventurous and soothing feeling. We felt very close to nature during our 3 day trip. We saw elephants, deer, wild boar, a fox and a python. We felt the sanctuary needed more maintenance then what was presently done.

We also enjoyed relaxing in the lap of nature. We would remember the walk on a chilly morning inside the sanctuary. We experienced the astonishing beauty of the Kaban Park , Sultan Summer palace, Mysore palace & Zoo and witnessed the beautiful sunrise.

benefits of embarking on a school trip : Improves critical thinking skills, Experiential learning takes place, Student’s worldview is expanded, Reinforces classroom material, Greater bond between students and teachers, Learning local culture, Students are encouraged to learn,

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