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“Arise ,Awake and stop not till the Goal is Reached”

As Vivekananda said, my Goal was to provide an impeccable school of knowledge with the latest technologies and modern amenities at a moderate cost, so that the students from my hometown gains and gets benefited. we were the pioneers to start up a CBSE school way back in 2008, my aim was to teach the students with well-equipped and trained faculties, so that they compete and score well in their board exams. A holistic development of a child is inevitable, ,hence my passion for Sports and Ethics are the two eyes of our AJA’s Education system. Now, I am glad that my students are Nurtured well in academics as well as in sports and Ethics.

My thirst for knowledge will never cease, until I see my children to grow into an holistic adult , ruling this world in politics, science and technology globally. That day is not too far, where my dream to see my student as a leader or a champion, in the near future. - JAIHIND