Hearty Congratulations!!!! ALAGU JOTHI ACADEMY secures 100% results in the Class X examination 2019. DISTRICT FIRST MISS.THARANI R 483/500, School Second MASTER.TARUN KRISHNA C B 479/500, School Third MASTER.HARSH BOHRA.S 477/500. We are Proud to share the 100% class 12 result for consecutive 4th year since 2015-16. Many students have scored 95% and above in both Class X and XI. Four students have Cracked JEE MAINS and qualified for JEE ADVANCED LEVEL. Congrats to all our AJA staff, parents for their support and cooperation. SCHOLARSHIP FOR ACADEMIC ACHEIVERS CLASS XII STATE RANK HOLDER: RENOULT KIWD CAR DISTRICT RANK HOLDER: SCOOTY PEP CLASS X SCHOLAR SCHEME IN SENIOR SECONDARY STATE RANK ACHEIVERS I: 100% FREE Education II: 90% FREE Education III: 80% FREE Education DISTRICT RANK ACHEIVERS I: 75% FEE Concession II: 70% FEE Concession III: 65% FEE Concession ALL SCHOOL TOPPERS I: 50% FEE Concession II: 40% FEE Concession III: 30% FEE Concession OTHER CBSE School Toppers Securing 450 and above 25% FEE Concession *Conditions apply*


‘Healthy man, Healthy life’ as health is wealth we know that every student need to keep his/her health fit and flexible. Thus strong body is strong mind. We always encourage the students to keep their mind, body and health in good condition. Hence, the sports academy was initiated to bring more of sports events in the school campus of Alagu Jothi Academy. We the International standard CBSE Sr. Sec. School always pave way to children in coming out with their hidden talents in all the fields. Sports is a major field which enhances the children in coming out as a good and responsible citizen of our country.

The AJA Cricket academy is having a lush green area of 2 grounds in which one was selected by the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association for the tournaments and the ground work is in progress. We have conducted many tournaments such as the Nagapatinam District tournaments, Club tournaments in which teams from Chennai and surrounding Districts have been participated. The tournaments were conducted in the name of Lakshmi – Suganya Rolling Trophy.

The students were encouraged in the Volley Ball to inculcate the habit of learning all the games and make a specific attempt to identify the ability of the student in which he/ she can show case the talent. Thus we allow the children to specialize their interest in games as a team during the physical education period.

The energetic and enthusiastic game of the world, were we too focusing on the same to mould the children in the field of Foot Ball as one of the main game. Even though our main focus is on academics we give importance to such games where children develop the team spirit and healthy atmosphere in the campus.

We in Alagu Jothi Academy give special care and focus on the individual sport for both girls and boys. This game is played by the children during the evening time after the class hours. The court is designed in such a manner that the cement ground is made ready always.

AJA mainly focuses on the hand ball as there is always a mass of people involve and both girls and boys are very much interested. We have played for the school team in the Nagapatinam District, Sirkali and so many other tournaments and competitions and won many laurels.

The game is played by the children during the PE periods. The children get good movements and help in their physical fitness regularly.

Children of AJA show more enthusiasm in the Net Ball and have been participating in the CBSE Cluster tournaments conducted every year and come out with flying colours.

The National Game of India is also given more importance and the team of AJA is getting ready to take part in the competitions in and around the state. We assure that our children will definitely achieve the national level in the near future.

The students of AJA have got selected to represent the Tamil Nadu State2014-15. The team was selected only from our school and we are proud that we were the only school students got selected and represented our state.

The court is utilized for the practice session alone and children play to get perfection with the court provided during the practice hour in the evening after the class hours. This helps them to develop the skills in placing the ball in the basket.

The sports event is a unique and every school have the sports day. Here in AJA the sports events are unique in presenting as we focus all the children to participate and develop their individuality in the specialized sport event such as field and track. We have the 400 meters & 200 meters track for the children to excel their sport in regular basis.

The cement ring is planned in such a way that the children could skate and explore their talent to the maximum. The Roller Skating is a part of our Extra Curricular Activity which is been allotted to the children in optional and around 350 children participate regularly every week. The children enrolled were taken to CBSE Cluster tournament and was done extra ordinary. Most of the competitions were conducted in the school premises itself as we are the only school to have the skating ring within the campus. The Nagapatinam Roller Skating Association conducts competition regularly in our campus every year and all our children participate and receive the trophies and medals in each category.