Hearty congratulations ALAGU JOTHI ACADEMY secures 100% results in the class X examination 2018.School First MISS.HARSHINI J 479/500, School Second MISS.NIRUPAMA R 461/500, School third Miss.SRINITHI.S 460/500 and 2 centum in Computer science ,1 centum in Science .We are Proud to share the 100% class 12 result for consecutive 3rd year since 2015-16. Congrats to all our AJA staff, parents for their support and cooperation.


Indoor sports complexes are springing up around the country. These complexes often provide a Turf Field that allows a wide variety of typically outdoor sports to be played indoors. These turf fields are large and has a grassy texture to it without the maintenance required to keep it green and plush. Many sports are being played on this type of service, such as Table tennis, badminton, Caroms, Chess.

Outdoor games are necessary for health and happiness and achieving a high sense of discipline.

Hence, they should be made popular with all the children of our country. We can play a good role in it. We can open new teams in our own hamlets.

We can encourage the students to play such as Cricket,Football,Volleyball,Basketball, Athletics,Handball,KHO KHO,Archery.

Specialized Coaching for the cricket aspirants will be given by AJCA(Alagu Jothi Cricket Academy).