Hearty congratulations ALAGU JOTHI ACADEMY secures 100% results in the class X examination 2018.School First MISS.HARSHINI J 479/500, School Second MISS.NIRUPAMA R 461/500, School third Miss.SRINITHI.S 460/500 and 2 centum in Computer science ,1 centum in Science .We are Proud to share the 100% class 12 result for consecutive 3rd year since 2015-16. Congrats to all our AJA staff, parents for their support and cooperation.


MATHLAB is an on-line system providing machine aid for the mechanical symbolic processes encountered in analysis. It is capable of performing, automatically and symbolically, such common procedures as simplification, substitution, differentiation, polynomial factorization, indefinite integration, direct and inverse Laplace transforms, the solution of linear differential equations with constant coefficients, the solution of simultaneous linear equations, and the inversion of matrices.

Science Lab is your scientific source for laboratory equipment, specialty chemicals and science educational products. Our wide range of products in chemicals and reagents, pH meters, laboratory scales, refract meters, microscopes, laboratory glassware and many other scientific supplies.

The Computer Science Laboratory studies the logical foundations of scalable systems that are beyond the scope of traditional testing or simulation, and builds and applies efficient high-level tools for rigorous mechanical analysis. Current systems of interest include not only traditional computer hardware and software.

India’s leading Educational Support with digital board support is the official partner with AJA IN PROVIDING the latest video in-built digital classroom facilities from KG TO STD.XII.

The Language Lab is provided for the extra learning and exploring the child’s ability in listening and speaking skills. There are 15 head phones and individual system to listen the audio and video for the ASL assessment. The lab is set up in a calm place to avoid the disturbance. The assessment of the CBSE speaking and listening skills were conducted in the lab to make the students to understand the importance and need of the communication level in the subject. The concept learning through audio and video system is also done in the lab to cultivate the habit of learning language.