Hearty Congratulations!!!! ALAGU JOTHI ACADEMY secures 100% results in the Class X examination 2019. DISTRICT FIRST MISS.THARANI R 483/500, School Second MASTER.TARUN KRISHNA C B 479/500, School Third MASTER.HARSH BOHRA.S 477/500. We are Proud to share the 100% class 12 result for consecutive 4th year since 2015-16. Many students have scored 95% and above in both Class X and XI. Four students have Cracked JEE MAINS and qualified for JEE ADVANCED LEVEL. Congrats to all our AJA staff, parents for their support and cooperation. SCHOLARSHIP FOR ACADEMIC ACHEIVERS CLASS XII STATE RANK HOLDER: RENOULT KIWD CAR DISTRICT RANK HOLDER: SCOOTY PEP CLASS X SCHOLAR SCHEME IN SENIOR SECONDARY STATE RANK ACHEIVERS I: 100% FREE Education II: 90% FREE Education III: 80% FREE Education DISTRICT RANK ACHEIVERS I: 75% FEE Concession II: 70% FEE Concession III: 65% FEE Concession ALL SCHOOL TOPPERS I: 50% FEE Concession II: 40% FEE Concession III: 30% FEE Concession OTHER CBSE School Toppers Securing 450 and above 25% FEE Concession *Conditions apply*


  The candidates can enquire the admission status through on line through our Mail ID (

  Procedure: In person the parent need to fill the yellow form kept in the school office.

  The parent can approach the office assistant for the clarification and details of the admission.

  The parent of the candidate needs to buy the application form along with the prospectus.

  The date for the entrance exam will be intimated and the result of the same will be informed through SMS/e-mail if necessary or will be intimated through telephone.

  Once the candidate is eligible for the admission of the class sort for will be interviewed by the Principal in person and once the admission is confirmed the payment of fee can be paid in the office.The parent of the candidate needs to buy the application form along with the prospectus.

  Admission is confirmed only on the personal interview with the principal and no admission is entertained without personal interview with the principal at any cost.