Hearty Congratulations!!!! ALAGU JOTHI ACADEMY secures 100% results in the Class X examination 2019. DISTRICT FIRST MISS.THARANI R 483/500, School Second MASTER.TARUN KRISHNA C B 479/500, School Third MASTER.HARSH BOHRA.S 477/500. We are Proud to share the 100% class 12 result for consecutive 4th year since 2015-16. Many students have scored 95% and above in both Class X and XI. Four students have Cracked JEE MAINS and qualified for JEE ADVANCED LEVEL. Congrats to all our AJA staff, parents for their support and cooperation. SCHOLARSHIP FOR ACADEMIC ACHEIVERS CLASS XII STATE RANK HOLDER: RENOULT KIWD CAR DISTRICT RANK HOLDER: SCOOTY PEP CLASS X SCHOLAR SCHEME IN SENIOR SECONDARY STATE RANK ACHEIVERS I: 100% FREE Education II: 90% FREE Education III: 80% FREE Education DISTRICT RANK ACHEIVERS I: 75% FEE Concession II: 70% FEE Concession III: 65% FEE Concession ALL SCHOOL TOPPERS I: 50% FEE Concession II: 40% FEE Concession III: 30% FEE Concession OTHER CBSE School Toppers Securing 450 and above 25% FEE Concession *Conditions apply*


Alagu Jothi Academy is alive to the need of constant counselling and career guidance for its students. The career counselling and guidance center at the school caters to various age groups of students with different social, educational and personal needs.

The counselling and guidance cell at Alagu Jothi Academy is a team comprising of competent student counsellors and psychologists who work at different levels to be able to relate to the various aspects of student’s needs.

Students are encouraged to develop a positive sense of self. They are encouraged to work on communication skills and on various aspects of personality development to boost their confidence level. At the same time to meet the challenges of the future, students from various age groups are taught the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices, techniques on anger management and appropriate social skills. At the Primary level from Pre School to grade V, Personal, Social and Health education are integrated with the PYP curriculum. Positive student interactions are used as a powerful tool in the classes. These are also used as a medium to observe the children closely and then use tools to counsel the students as and when required.

The Middle School years are the years of transition for the students. The student’s counsellors work in tandem with the parents of the children to provide constant guidance and support to the students to overcome the problems faced in these years. At Alagu Jothi Academy we wish to imbibe in each of our student correct value systems such as honesty, respect for elders, refraining from the use of abusive language, sharing etc.

At the senior school level, counselling and guidance of our efficient team at Alagu Jothi Academy encourages young adolescent brains to take control of the world around them and to have a positive sense of self. Emphasis is on character building. The counsellors also help them deal with physical changes going on within them and adopting appropriate behavioural pattern for dealing with opposite sex.

Career counselling begins as early as Grade VI where by the students become increasingly aware of their interest areas and are clearer and focused about their choices. Career counsellors guide the students to make right choices. Parents play an important role in such discussions and the school encourages their total involvement so that their children and our precious student choose the best for themselves.

For our students in Grade VIII, career counsellors guide them to prepare mentally, emotionally and psychologically for the external tests like SAT’, TOEFL, IELTs, to enable them to get admissions in universities around the world. The students benefit by the dialogues with the counsellors and participate in the various workshops and classes conducted by them from time to time.